The Science of Learning Whitepaper
Educators and researchers have long been curious about how people learn. Although extensive research has been done on the topic, much is still unknown. However, what is clear is that popular teaching methods and learning strategies are often ill-advised. For example, research has consistently shown that massed practice (or cramming), rereading text, and highlighting do not lead to long-term retention. Why, then, are teachers, educators, and trainers not using better strategies? And what does contribute to learning and long-term retention?
ATD recently conducted a research study and developed a framework outlining eight research-backed learning and teaching concepts and strategies. Whether you’re a K-12 teacher or administrator, a university professor, or a trainer working with adult learners, these eight concepts and strategies will help you design and deliver more effective teaching and training.

This whitepaper introduces these eight strategies and offers some recommendations for putting them into action.