ATD’s Introduction to Instructional Design Certificate program provides a high-level orientation to the knowledge and skills, as defined by our competency research, that instructional designers must have to develop successful learning solutions that lead to on-the-job application and business impact.
Explore how to not only create a learning experience, but also ensure it aligns to the needs of your learners, stakeholders, and organization. This application-based course provides an introduction to the entire instructional design process, along with an exclusive ATD toolkit full of checklists and templates to help you get started with a project right away.
In this program, you will:
  • Learn an easy-to-apply, effective model for instructional design.
  • Improve your current projects with new approaches, tools, and plans.
  • See how an instructional project comes together from start to finish.
  • Observe the design process, use the course materials, and see the activities in action.
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