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In 2018, ATD celebrates its 75th anniversary by delivering these two important books, its first published reference to the profession it leads and supports. ATD and Elaine Biech have teamed up to deliver a library of talent development knowledge with contributions from industry thought leaders in two books. 
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Your Talent Development Atlas

If directing your organization’s talent development effort feels like you’re on a journey without a map, think of this book as your professional atlas. Elaine Biech, a leader in training and development, knows the road ahead and has partnered with ATD to present a new book that will point the way.
Your Action Guide
to Talent Development

The companion volume to ATD’s Foundations of Talent Development: Launching, Leveraging, and Leading Your Organization’s TD Effort, this book follows an eight-step framework from clarifying your organization’s learning foundation to preparing for the future.

 Brief Table of Contents 

(To make it easy, the sections remain the same in both books!)
I. Identify and Clarify the Organization’s Learning Foundation
II. Develop a Talent Development Strategy
III. Create an Operating Plan
IV. Reinforce an Organizational Talent Development Mindset
V. Design and Deliver Learning
VI. Fortify the Learning
VII. Define and Measure the Impact
VIII. Prepare for the Future

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